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Denver County Assembly

Information for Delegates

The seriousness with the COVID-19/Corona Virus has forced an alternate plan for the March 28th Denver Democratic Party Assembly and Convention. The meeting will no longer be taking place at South High School. A virtual meeting will be held in its place.

Here's what you need to know to participate:


1) You will receive an online ballot via email on Thursday, March 26th. You will NOT receive a mailed packet unless you specifically requested one.


2) You will have until Saturday, March 28th at 3pm to submit your ballot.  There are NO proxies allowed due to the nature of the virtual meeting. (Should a second ballot be required in contested races, they will email you immediately and you must return that ballot by 5pm.)

Virtual Assembly FAQs From Denver Democrats:


1. I do not have access to email or have other reasons that prevent me from being able to complete an electronic ballot, what can I do?

We are happy to send out paper ballots OR you may call the designated voting line on Saturday, March 28th between 9am and 3pm and cast your vote on the phone with a County Elected official. Please email or call 303-830-8242 to select this option. 


2. How long will I have to submit my ballot?

You will receive a physical mailed ballot or an electronic ballot in your email by Thursday, March 26th and all ballots must be submitted or returned to the party office by 3pm on March 28th. 


3. How do I become a Delegate for State or Congressional District?

On your ballot there will be the option to select to be considered as a Delegate for State Assembly, Convention and CD1 Assembly or Convention. The county officers will then randomly draw delegate names after March 28th. 

4. How will we break out into our House and Senate Districts for voting?

The ballot you receive electronically or in the mail will be specific to your House and Senate Districts. For highly contested races a 2nd ballot (if needed, no candidate reaches 30%) will be sent out immediately and must be returned by 5pm. The county party will send out an email and text alerts if this occurs. Only House District 7 is likely to be in this situation, please be on the lookout for a 2nd ballot on March 28th in the afternoon. 


5. How will my credentials be verified?

The ballot you receive will be specific to your name and email address and you will be asked to confirm that email address. If you need to change the email address that you will use for voting, please contact the County party by March 21st. 


6. How will we select State Perm Org and Credentials

We will be taking volunteers for these roles this year. If you would like to volunteer for either, please email or call or call 303-830-8242 and indicate which committee you would like to serve on.  The Colorado Democratic Party will also be holding their assembly and convention remotely. 

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